Friday, May 18, 2012

Time to Fly: Pizza Hippo Launching Townshend Pizza May 19th

Man, there are so many things I'd love to write about to clear my head, to inform my 50 or so readers and any newbies out there about the crazy ten days we've just experienced.

Unfortunately, with the Bellows Falls market this afternoon and the potentially HUGE Community Jam tomorrow aka Pizza Hippo's grand opening of our flagship store aka Pizza Hippo #1 aka the Townshend VT Pizza Stand I still have a million details to take care of now.

I do, however, want to take the time to thank a few people who've been especially helpful with all we're trying to accomplish.

First, to my wonderful wife.  Nothing happens without you.  Thank you for being my partner in life and pizza.

Miles *gaping* Enough said! 

Next, Drew at Kindle Farm.  You're a visionary powerhouse.  And guess what? We're doing it, baby!  Ditto to all the other Kindle Farmers from the kids on up to the leadership team.

Brattleborology -  you guys RULE.  My most supportive partnership/friendship outside of my house.  Thank you both.  Your site really does equal Things to Do in Brattleboro, Vt.   Keep up the great work.

Steve West.  The Reformer. The Commons.  Cider Mag.

Ann and Philip.  Mom and Dad.  Mark Hood.  Williams Family.

Kickstarter supporters.

Time to get to work.  See y'all for pizza!

The Hippo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 19th Music and Events Townshend, VT near Brattleboro

The Kindle Farm School and Pizza Hippo jointly present The Super Spring Community Jam and Plant Sale to benefit the Kindle Farm vocational logging program May 19th from 10AM to 10PM.

Musical guests include: Flabberghaster, Acoustic Roots, Medicine Warriors, Black Mountain FM and Toni Atari. Flabberghaster kicks off the music from noon to 2pm. Everyone else to follow.  $5 suggested donation.

The Annual Kindle Farm Plant Starter Sale features a variety of cold weather plant starts to give folks a head start on their home gardens. Currently there are approximately 12,000 starts growing in the KF greenhouse. Varieties include: broccoli, cauliflower, kales, chards, lettuces, spinach, radishes, multiple herbs, eggplant, tomatoes, and more.

Additionally, there will be a bake sale, a cord wood raffle, and the opening day for Pizza Hippo’s Townshend Pizza Stand, serving local, organic pizzas all day long.  All activities to take place at The Kindle Farm School, #1 Route 30, Townshend, VT 05353.
Pizza Hippo and Kindle Farm have formed a sustainable partnership dedicated to transforming communities through the power of organic food. Kindle Farm will grow the lion’s share of Pizza Hippo’s organic vegetables on-site. Additionally, the Kindle Farm vocational program is building the Pizza Hippo Townshend Pizza Stand from wood grown on campus, logged by the students, milled on-site, and finally transformed into a traditional New England architectural form by students under the supervision of staff carpenter Earl Cook.

“Growing everything from the tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables to the wood for the Pizza Hippo building here at Kindle Farm and then creating value added products just feet away from where it was grown minimizes our carbon footprint in a very meaningful way. It’s a level of sustainability most farm-to-table operations can only dream about, and most importantly, the Kindle Farm students are involved in this unique entrepreneurial enterprise on every level,” says Malcolm Hood, Pizza Hippo’s founder and executive chef.  

Amber O’Reilly, Kindle Farm’s farm and vocational program manager adds, “Pizza Hippo’s operation has given new meaning to the work our students are doing as part of their education. Not only are they gaining hands on experience in farming, logging, and carpentry, they’re seeing first hand how to turn these skills into a small business enterprise.”

More details and the full music schedule can be found at

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Community Jam and Plant Sale featuring Flabberghaster, Green Zone & Toni Atari

Things are starting to fall into place in the land of Pizza Hippo.

As of today, we have three musical acts booked for our Townshend Pizza Stand grand opening May 19:  Vermont funk rock upstarts Flabberghaster, Deadly cover jammers Green Zone and renegade indy-pop lust siren Toni Atari.

Flabberghaster kicks off the day a noon with a two hour set, followed immediately by Green Zone.  Ms. Atari and crew hit the stage at 6pm, and several other guest musician sets seem to be in the works for the in between times.

The Kindle Farm Annual Plant Start sale starts at 10am, and Pizza Hippo starts slangin' pies at 11am.  It promises to be an amazing day of family fun & sun featuring the best our southern Vermont community has to offer. 

Cold weather plant starts include broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, several lettuce varieties, cabbage, cauliflower, marigolds, cosmos, amaranth, onions, and many, many more. Get your garden started fast and be ahead of the game with Kindle Farm organic plant starts straight from the Townshend, VT Greenhouse.  Grown with love by the Kindle Farm students and my beautiful wife Amber O'Reilly.

Can't wait to see everyone there - let us know if you have any special menu requests.

The Hippo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vermont Health Dept gives Pizza Hippo an "A"

This morning we fought heavy rain and the associated mud along with a sprained back to load up the Pizza Wagon and set up our temporary shop at the Kindle Farm School in Townshend in time for a 9AM VT HD inspection.

To get out of the weather, the inspector and I popped into the greenhouse.  He immediately commented on how clean and organized the area is kept.  "Of course," I said, "my wife is in charge of this thing."  The inspector gave his complements to Mrs. Amber O'Reilly for a job well done and seemed genuinely sad he lives over two hours away from Pizza Hippo.

Added bonus: Inspector said, "It's got to Hit the Spotamus with all the fresh herbs and vegetables on site."  My thoughts exactly!

The rest of the inspection went fairly quick.  I had a detailed list of notes from a prior conversation with the inspector, so everything was in perfect order at the fire grilled pizza station.  The Kindle Farm kitchen was next, and we came pretty close to a perfect score (the hot water is too hot and we have to finish repairing one counter).  The inspector was very pleased, and noted that we must have spent a lot of time getting everything  spic and span.   It's nice to receive complements from a guy who's paid to be knit-picky :)

Now that we're officially legal, it's safe to tell everyone our Grand Opening is May 19th in conjunction with the Kindle Farm School Plant Sale.  So far, Toni Atari and a Grateful Dead cover band have committed to playing, with several other bands potentially signing on in the next few days.  Can we hear Mo Ambesa???

We are looking forward to kicking off this year at the Pizza Hippo Townshend Pizza stand in just under three weeks, and hope all of you can join us.

More to come - stay tuned - and remember, Pizza Hippo hits the spotamus!